DANZIG WATCH 2010: In Which I Talk to Danzig Himself

Danzig Watch 2010

All of DANZIG WATCH 2010 has built to this moment! Buzzgrinder actually had a chance to chat with Danzig himself as he prepared to rip faces off across the nation on the Blackest of the Black Tour, with a Nov. 3 stop in Louisville at Expo Five.

The main thing I learned about Glenn Danzig is this: He can be a mumbler. But hey, when the Dark Lord is low talking, you don’t say, “Um… Glenn… could you speak up maybe a little, please?” You just get out of his way and say, “Thank you Mr. Danzig sir for acknowledging my existence.”

I don’t know if you noticed, but a couple of weeks ago, a photo of you carrying some cat supplies home from the grocery hit the internet and…

I don’t care about that.

I didn’t think so, but…

Hey, you know what, why do people even care? Why are they wasting their lives on this? [laughs]

I guess it’s just a weird thing, because there aren’t many musicians who people…

Follow with cameras? [laughs]

Exactly. There aren’t many people who are Glenn Danzig.

Yeah, but you know what… I just play music, you know what I mean? That’s what I want to spend my time talking about. [inaudible, followed by laughing] So you know, let’s talk about the tour, man. We’re coming through Louisville for the first time in a long time.

Yeah, I was honestly kind of surprised by that. I didn’t expect you to come through here.

Probably thought it’d be Cincinnati or something.

Yeah exactly. Was there any specific reason why you resurrected the Blackest of the Black Tour? I know it was off for a couple of years here and there.

Well, we did it in 2003, we did it in 2005, 2006, we did it in 2008; it just came together, the bands and everything. So I figured, you know, I’ve gotta do it. I need to make it happen!

How about having Marduk on board for this? Of all the other bands, that seems like the biggest deal, just because they rarely play over here.

We tried to get them over here, because we’ve done shows with them over in Europe. It’s tough for them, because they’ve had a bunch of immigration problems since 9/11. When they finally got that sorted, they could come over and do a handful of shows.

So really, this is pretty much the only time some people will get to see Marduk. They don’t really tour that much, anyway. They can’t. What happens is a promoter makes an offer in that town, and you either take it or not. And it’s worked out this time.

When it comes to bands you enjoy, like Marduk, do other factors — like religion or politics — detract from your experience listening to them or seeing them?

No. As long as they aren’t real preachy, I don’t care. Say what you gotta say, and boom. Everybody’s got something to say, but it’s music. That’s how I write my stuff… [inaudible, then laughter] I’m not trying to be preachy or tell people what to think, you know?

So, you know, it’s not like you ever really left the public eye, but it seems like you’ve sort of been pushed to the forefront with the release of the new record. Has it been weird, doing all kinds of interviews for TV, newspapers, websites, etc.?

I actually have done more than I’d ever done before. It’s pretty crazy. And having so many people talking is really strange, too. I mean, I’ve got people following me around with cameras while I’m shopping! Five years ago, something like that never would’ve happened… [inaudible]

Is that a surreal thing for you? When you go from just being a guy who wants to make music to this persona that people care about or are obsessed with?

I don’t get it. It’s still just me making music, you know what I mean? I’m not a different guy. Maybe there are people out there who want to… [inaudible] I don’t know. I really don’t know. I think about it sometimes and it’s cool that people care, but I don’t know.
by Sean Cannon | 12:00 pm
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On 10/28/10 2:07 PM, sammy said:

I’ve been trying to save a little bit of money lately and just couldn’t bring myself to drop $30 for the show in LR last night since I saw Danzig at Fun Fun Fun. I’m sure it was awesome though.

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On 10/29/10 1:00 PM, Tim Anderl said:

So here’s the thing…I was fully expecting Danzig to tell you that the fresh step wasn’t for a cat. Rather, that he has litter trained the attack wolves that protect Castle Danzig. That was really the only appropriate response. Could it have been that he mumbled that?

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