Jim Ward Doesn’t Want to Talk About At the Drive-In Reunion

At the Drive-In guitarist seems less optimistic about reunion

It’s no secret that we were pretty amped and hopeful about an At the Drive-In reunion when Cedric Bixler-Zavala spoke favorably about the possibility. Needless to say, it was a momentous day.

However, the following words from former ATDI guitarist, Sparta frontman and current Sleepercar frontman Jim Ward are a good bit less optimistic and enthusiastic than Bixler-Zavala’s statement. When asked about the chances of getting the band back together, here’s what Ward told Buzzgrinder via email:

I don’t think that I’ll be answering any questions or doing any interviews anymore, thank you very much. I haven’t got much to say about anything except with songs which I will continue to make and release — cheers… -jimward

In other words, Ward has nothing going on but Sleepercar and some solo work at the moment — and he aims to keep it that way.

Speaking of his latest endeavors, Sleepercar will be playing with Wilco June 17 in El Paso, Texas.

Sleepercar – Wasting My Time
by Sean Cannon | 2:00 pm
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29 Responses to “Jim Ward Doesn’t Want to Talk About At the Drive-In Reunion”

On 06/12/09 2:39 PM, Sergio Hernandez said:

My life = EPIC FAIL now…


On 06/12/09 10:10 PM, ryan. said:

at least he seems congenial.

On 06/13/09 11:27 AM, Cedric said:

fuck him sparta sucks anyway they had a decent 1′st lp and that is it.

On 06/13/09 7:40 PM, drunklando said:

I like El Paso, I dont care what anyone says. I’ve never had a bad time there

On 06/13/09 10:46 PM, ryan. said:

for me, sparta’s that band i never want to see, but have watched live a bunch of times just cause they always tour with greats. (weezer, aloha, mwy, dashboard, against me!, and now wilco…..what am i saying? wilco’s the pits).

and el paso is like mexico lite.
it’ll give you brain cancer just like aspartame.

On 06/14/09 12:08 AM, ? said:

this doesn’t mean anything, and i’m not surprised. there are probably no plans to get the band back together at the moment and i’m sure if it happens, now isn’t the time to answer questions about it so there’s hype and articles everywhere and interviews, like this site attempted. that just makes it worse. it’s best to have it kept on the low if anything were to happen until they announced it officially.

On 06/14/09 6:02 AM, halfie said:

It is going to take a substancial amount of money to get these guys to get back together. I don’t think Jim would do it any other way. I think when Cedric spoke about “talking to the other members” he is probaly just refering to Tony. Seeing as though the other members are already in TMV. I don’t really think him and Jim have talked. It’s probably just hype and a good way to get people to get interested in the new TMV album. Nothing wrong with it, but all I’m trying to say is Jim will not do it without the right circumstances!

On 06/14/09 8:56 AM, Howard said:

How annoying to be constantly badgered about a band that wasn’t that good when the were still a band.
Sparta was good, Sleepercar… pretty decent. People need to move on.
@cedric: no one’s ridin’ your ass about why you don’t bring back the Bell Beefer, even though Gorditas suck!

On 06/14/09 11:57 AM, wut said:

lol at the drive-in were better than anything that came out after them from any of these members. mars volta is great though, completely different music.

On 06/14/09 1:47 PM, Sean said:

Ryan: you posted “greats” likes weezer, dashboard confessional, and against me… and you called wilco the pits? out of those bands? do you know music at all? i bet you have goofy black hair parted to the side and you wear patches on your backpack, right? pins all over your hot topic jacket? fuck mallcore turds, fuck assholes who have disgraced hardcore and punk, fuck shitty music, and fuck you. jesus christ you suck. get aids and die in a car fire.

On 06/14/09 5:35 PM, Sean Cannon said:

wilco post-YHF is the pits. well, maybe not the pits, but the band is nothing special at that point. but it’s not like weezer and dashboard are musical geniuses these days.

On 06/14/09 9:46 PM, ryan. said:

i liked a. m. and there’s a handful of tracks from yankee foxtrot and ghost is born that i enjoy. mostly, my beef with wilco (and it’s really more an indifference than beef) is that they don’t feel like they care about the music they’re playing. they write good songs. they just come across as too cool to care. but i don’t feel like they are devoid of talent or worthless to have around by any means. sorry if i stepped on your toes, bud.

however, if you really wanted to defend the band, you could have stated some of their merits rather than imagining your idea of the worst possible me and proceeding to flame on. i mean, to be honest, i think i just did the band more justice than you did.

and you shouldn’t make fun of mallcore kids so much, man. it’s kind of like kicking a dog. have you ever met a mallcore kid who really had the opportunity to know any better. from my experience most of them are on the very cusp of musical enlightenment, and maybe you were lucky enough to have someone to indoctrinate you into amazing music immediately at a young age, but most of us aren’t. it’s a combination of luck and determination.

maybe you should take some time to help some of those kids discover some better music. i mean, i’m no hot topic fan either, but it sure beats banana republic, right?

as far as how i look and dress, i’m pretty poor at the moment. so i just have a bunch of hand-me downs. mostly, i wear the same leonard cohen shirt every day and cut off dockers. and a pair of chucks. i guess converse is pretty mallcore these days, but i’m ohkay with that. and i was under the impression that chuck taylors were one of those cultural institutions that are never a ‘wrong’ decision. but if they are ‘wrong,’ then screw off, cause i like them.

if you’re interested, though, check out my facebook (ryan dement). you can tweet on my wallzzsz. i’ll put you in my top ten.

furthermore, i do think dashboard and weezer are greats. i saw them with sparta on one of sparta’s very first tours. i think it was about six years ago, which would make me fifteen. maybe people my age shouldn’t love dashboard, but you really can’t fault anyone who’s fifteen for loving him.

against me’s great, too. from CRIMES to new wave. they sound like against me! and no one else, and that’s respectable in itself.

however, i’ve been known to enjoy a lot of things. rites of spring. iggy pop. fugazi. teen idles. cab calloway. handel. circle jerks. john coltrane. mineral. braid. crass. tom waits. five iron frenzy. shel silverstein. stretch arm strong. johnny hobo and the freight trains. hannah montana. i could go on and on, but the point is sparta (or wilco) never toured with any of them, so i didn’t have an excuse to name-drop ‘em. now i kinda do, so thanks, i guess.

as far as dying of aids and a carfire, i think i can dig that.
kind of a freddy mercury meets gram parsons thing.

p.s. you’re kind of a jackass. and if the music i like doesn’t make you happy, well, you can lick my e-balls.

p.p.s. @non-douche sean- yeah, ive never heard any dashboard past a mark, a mission…, but i retro-love him enough to never truly renige my devotion. as far as weezer goes, it’ll never be blue/pinkerton days again, but i think green/maladroit/red album are all defensible as decent listens. won’t go so far as to say the same for make believe. i listen to their cover of ‘the weight’ off the red album almost every other day, though.

p.p.p.s. god, i wrote alot. i need a girlfriend. or some more attractive lube.

On 06/15/09 10:15 AM, j said:

@ryan: that was the best comment response i’ve ever read.

On 06/15/09 10:40 AM, lucas said:

@ryan….hannah montana….really?

On 06/15/09 10:56 AM, Jay DiNitto said:

My music can beat up your music.

On 06/15/09 11:05 AM, ryan. said:

it’s the best of both worlds.

On 06/15/09 9:42 PM, edgar baez said:

why is he always a jew

On 06/17/09 1:08 PM, Sean Cannon said:

i never knew he was semitic. learn something new every day.

On 06/20/09 3:03 PM, Athur Morales said:

Look, El Paso is a great little town. It’s completely different from the rest of the country. It has it’s own vibe and culture. It does need some work if people want to consider it “Cool,” but who the hell cares if people like something. love it for what it is.

ATDI is one of the greatest bands that ever was and my friends and I almost wet our pants when we heard the news of a possible reunion. At the same time though, I can understand where Jim is coming from. He is incredibly proud of the music he is putting out now and wants to spend his time working on it. Personally, I love Sleepercar, his solo stuff and Sparta. Those bands and their albums have changed my life and I think he is an underrated genius.

On 06/20/09 6:00 PM, poolshark87 said:

Jim Ward is The Man!!! and Sleepercar and Sparta are the Best! i live in EP and seen him a bunch of times and needless to say i dont really care about the atdi reunion, if jim wants to keep on doing what he does best, let him be!

On 06/21/09 7:59 PM, X2a said:

This killed me. Here i was thinking the only way an atdi reunion would occur would be if Cedric himself led it(i never thought that would happen). I’m a bigger Jim Ward fan than a Volta fan, but this really kills me. I guess At the Drive-in will always just be a legend to me, and thats fine. Those who say Atdi doesn’t need Jim really don’t know a single thing about Atdi.

On 06/21/09 8:00 PM, X2a said:

This killed me. Here i was thinking the only way an atdi reunion would occur would be if Cedric himself led it(i never thought that would happen). I’m a bigger Jim Ward fan than a Volta fan, but this really kills me. I guess At the Drive-in will always just be a legend to me, and thats fine. Those who say Atdi doesn’t need Jim, really don’t know a single thing about Atdi.

On 06/25/09 12:57 AM, Danny said:

Jim always seemed to look pretty hurt from the demise of atdi… hopefully he has a change of heart so the legends can return. There is no limit to what that band can produce.

it is cool in retrospect to learn that so many bands count them as an influence and there really has been a rift in music since they have been out of the scene.

i will always keep my fingers crossed for that reunion…

On 08/7/09 6:57 PM, MC_Buntu said:

@ ryan Awesome response dude. Geat open mindedness! Ithink that is the problem with most people within the great Subject of “Music”, they are close minded and really dont want to fully understand the means behind the artist, only what they present the audience.

On 08/7/09 7:10 PM, Jonathan said:

“There is no limit to what that band can produce.”

I’d say there’s a pretty definite limit to what the band can produce. They’ve been broken up for nearly 10 years.

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