Norma Jean Signs to Razor & Tie

Norma Jean signs to Razor & Tie

A long time in the works, Norma Jean has just announced a new deal with Razor & Tie after parting ways with Solid State. Additionally, the Georgia boys are looking to release a follow-up to last year’s The Anti Mother in summer 2010. Frontman Cory Brandan Putman seems pretty amped about the signing, judging from his words in a statement about the news:

If we didn’t sign to Razor & Tie, I think we would have gone on a killing spree, with no regard for life or limb. I think for the first time in our career, upon presenting our ideas, we get to hear the word “yes” more often. It’s like discovering an unknown tribe on a distant island. Except we’re the tribe and we don’t know your language. Plus we have spears and swords and we’re cannibals. Either way, we’re insanely animated about R&T showing up and want to try on their Nike Air Jordans.

No word yet on whether Norma Jean has plans to tour with labelmates Michael McDonald or The Irish Tenors. One can only hope…

Norma Jean – Bayonetwork
by Sean Cannon | 12:00 pm
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14 Responses to “Norma Jean Signs to Razor & Tie”

On 11/3/09 12:37 PM, Sergio Hernandez said:

I wanna know if they’ll be playing Bless the Martyr… in Fort Worth or not!!!

On 11/3/09 12:46 PM, sir jorge said:


so just like Stavesacre and others, they move from a semi-large independent to a small/no name independent to get screwed over?

These guys suck now anyways

On 11/3/09 12:52 PM, Josh Mock said:

Hah. I recently met someone that used to work for R&T. I hope they treat their bands better than they seemed to treat their employees.

On 11/3/09 1:17 PM, Travis said:

You totally stole my tweet on this…

“@normajeanband signs to Razor & Tie. Plans summer tour with labelmates Michael McDonald and Brian McKnight. Split EP with Irish Tenors soon.”

On 11/3/09 1:42 PM, Sean Cannon said:

damn, i wish i had seen your tweet before i wrote this six hours ago. i much prefer the split ep line to what i came up with.

On 11/3/09 3:12 PM, Jay DiNitto said:

Hopefully they signed an exclusive distro deal with Very.

On 11/3/09 3:51 PM, sammy said:

sir jorge, I’m going to go ahead and guess that Razor & Tie sells way more albums than Solid State. I don’t even consider Tooth and Nail a semi-large independent, unless you’re counting ONLY the Christian market.

Also, Stavesacre went to Nitro, which was a decent punk label, and then Abacus (same as Juliana Theory), which has ridiculous distribution thanks to Century Media. It’s really more a question of these bands not fitting in with their new label home, and I think that may be a problem.

On 11/3/09 4:03 PM, joe said:

screw the “almighty norma jean”.

On 11/3/09 8:29 PM, The 1/3 said:

So, are we going to see Norma Jean doing a Kidz Bop tour any time soon?

Abacus…has ridiculous distribution thanks to Century Media

Had ridiculous distribution. The label folded two years ago. According to TJT, the label couldn’t actually follow up on what they promised, which is probably what affected Stavesacre as well.

Regarding T&N as a semi-large independent, what, exactly, makes an indie label semi-large? T&N has one gold certified album, Define the Great Line, or maybe two if you count Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo, which the RIAA credits to A&M. There are lots of indies that are prominent in their area of focus that haven’t sold that many albums. And while we’re at it, how are we defining independent here? EMI reports that they own a 50% stake in the label, though if I recall correctly from when it was first announced, Ebel actually owns a hair more to maintain majority ownership. If they’re half owned by a major, are they really independent?

On 11/4/09 8:19 AM, sammy said:

Well, there’s the big major labels (there’s either 3 or 4 of them), and their subsidiaries, but they have deals with lots of independents for development and marketing and distribution. But take a label like Aware Records. I had never heard of them before, but then I found out they spent over a million dollars on John Mayer’s album, and then made a ridiculous amount back. Are Tooth and Nail or Victory or something putting up that kind of money? And also, I think a number of releases gives a pretty good idea at the size. Look at the release schedule of labels like Merge, Matador, and Sub Pop…they’re putting out quite a bit.

On 11/4/09 3:41 PM, Wesley said:

@sammy So, what you’re saying is that Aware Records doesn’t live up to its name.

On 11/4/09 3:54 PM, lucas said:

being that norma jean had signed a 6 cd contract(clearly not thinking when they signed that) with SS they were probably willing to go ANYWHERE to just get a better contract.

On 11/6/09 2:23 AM, Jesse said:

How do you get out of a 6 record contract? Are there lame “best of” “live” albums coming from Solid State? They tend to do the above when a band leaves them, whether retirement or another label.

On 11/6/09 9:20 AM, lucas said:

live, “greatest hits”, and cover cds(usually) don’t count towards your contract agreement. it’s just an easy way for the label to make money. assuming they still had cd’s left on their contract then R&T probably had to buy out the remaining options that were left.