Revolver On Christian Metal

The cover of the latest Revolver Magazine features members of As I Lay Dying, Norma Jean, Underoath and Demon Hunter. The photo goes along with an extensive write-up on Christian Metal, which they’ve dubbed “phenomenon of the year.”
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Written by Wesley Johnson
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On 12/29/06 9:19 AM, The 1/3 said:

Metal? Where?
On 12/29/06 9:36 AM, Jay DiNitto said:

Metal in general.
On 12/29/06 10:18 AM, magnumforce2006 said:

Metal? Where?

On 12/29/06 10:56 AM, Steve-o said:

cause Christian metal (for lack of a better word) is something that has never been around before, right?

people want to say everything is a fad these days.
On 12/29/06 11:13 AM, andy said:

wow how progressive.
On 12/29/06 11:28 AM, wes said:

hehe yea, revolver is hip!
On 12/29/06 11:30 AM, wes said:

when you think about it though, christian “metal,” or whatever, had a pretty big year though.
On 12/29/06 11:58 AM, Jay DiNitto said:

No, wes. Cynicism wins out every time.
On 12/29/06 12:07 PM, somebody said:

i understand three of them, but demon hunter? does anyone listen to them?
On 12/29/06 12:10 PM, Seth Werkheiser said:

I think some of the DEMONHUNTER guys read this site. Watch your step or YOU’LL be hunted next. hahah
On 12/29/06 12:25 PM, Wesley Johnson said:

you know, i always feel like, somebody’s watching me.

On 12/29/06 12:49 PM, dake said:

i’m just bummed that stryper didn’t make the cover.

and to be a cool christian metal band, is it important to smear your face with soot?
On 12/29/06 12:50 PM, Seth Werkheiser said:

It’s the ashes and soot from persecution – like dancing in the fire, from the book of Daniel. (now the theologians will come out of the wood work and say, NO SETH – they didn’t even smell of smoke when they were brought out from the flames!)
On 12/29/06 12:54 PM, Jay DiNitto said:

I actively listen to the D-Hunter, even when I don’t smash my face into a public ashtray.
On 12/29/06 1:03 PM, other andy said:

i just don’t understand why they would ruin those nice suites.
On 12/29/06 1:19 PM, Tobe said:

you guys are too good… : )
On 12/29/06 1:20 PM, Rob said:

They did what to their hotel rooms?
On 12/29/06 2:02 PM, Seth Werkheiser said:

I like how its all WHITE MALES. No minorities and no females. I guess only SUCCESSFUL (ie, loads of album sales) Christian acts get a chance to strut their stuff.
On 12/29/06 3:25 PM, andy said:

Hey it’s not their fault women and coloreds can’t play metal!
On 12/29/06 6:17 PM, david bunton said:

i think they should have had JOSH from the showdown on the cover. clearly he is more heavy metal than all those guys put togather.
On 12/29/06 6:57 PM, Seth Werkheiser said:

He he the loser with the HEAVY METAL tattoos on his arms?
On 12/29/06 7:00 PM, Seth Werkheiser said:

Ummm.. “coloreds” can’t play metal? Cipher, Candiria, Living Color. Pfft.
On 12/29/06 8:29 PM, Jay DiNitto said:

Yes, I know they’re not good, but Lester from Pillar KILLS IT on the drums, and he’s a brown bear. Give it up, nuggz.
On 12/29/06 8:33 PM, England said:

Without Antestor on the cover this article is irrelevant.

These bands are all fauxmetal and various degrees of “core”.
On 12/29/06 8:36 PM, andy said:

You guys knew I was only being sarcastic right?
On 12/29/06 8:42 PM, david bunton said:

yeah! exactally! that loser! and when i see you in person im going to tattoo Gossip Column on your arms in the same exact spot! 🙂
On 12/29/06 9:58 PM, Vince Wagner said:

I haven’t thought about Antestor in about five years. Good work, England.

Those were the days. I was a member of Golgotha76’s Christian metal yahoo group and whenever someone would mention a new band there I would hit up Napster for some tuneage.

On 12/29/06 10:02 PM, Seth Werkheiser said:

Bring it, Davey 😉
On 12/29/06 10:58 PM, Jay DiNitto said:

Why does this fricking issue of “real metal” always come up in posts like this? It’s just an excuse for us to name bands that aren’t as popular. We all know what Revolver means by “metal”. Give it a rest, guys.
On 12/29/06 11:10 PM, The 1/3 said:

Antestor didn’t even do much this year. Crimson Moonlight has been pretty active though. They even did a U.S. tour.
On 12/29/06 11:28 PM, Brian Gaiser said:

Kudos to Wesley for the Rockwell refference
The guy from As I lay dying has an intense “highlander in training” look on his face
On 12/30/06 1:32 AM, ryanB said:

am I the onl yone who actually read this, amazing, inteligent and informing. Favorite part was that they had a part where the lead singer of Zao gave out memory verses about life and such. I found this article to be a great one. They gave straigh answers.
On 12/30/06 1:52 AM, Alisha said:

I was always under the impression that bands that are fused with Christanity and Metal never wanted the label to follow with them so that they had a universal audience?
On 12/30/06 2:52 AM, xjimmyx said:

they all look like some douch bags hahaha
On 12/30/06 12:24 PM, Seth Werkheiser said:

Lead singer of Zao, huh? Muahaha
On 12/30/06 12:56 PM, Brandon Jones said:

I thought ZAO broke up again for the one millionth time?
On 12/30/06 1:17 PM, Ethan said:

ok so im pretty sure the reason christian metal was so popular this year was because the best metal bands out there happened to be christians. As I lay dying….totally metal. the showdown is THE MOST christian metal band right now…and BBABH. get them on the cover
On 12/30/06 6:58 PM, Thad said:

As I Lay Dying is the only metal band I see on the cover, eh, oh well.

I’m not going to be one of those tools that argues genres.
On 12/30/06 8:43 PM, karl said:

i people i don’t care about.
On 12/30/06 8:43 PM, karl said:

that’s right… i people i don’t care about.

not i SEE people i don’t care about.
On 12/30/06 11:23 PM, xjimmyx said:

cory looks fat
On 12/31/06 3:13 AM, metalN00b said:

I’m super excited to see a host of creative and intense metal bands that love the Lord show up in Revolver.

I’ve just recently begun to enjoy Demon Hunter. How do bands like Living Sacrifice and Nodes of Ranvier fit into the picture? It sounds kinda similar. I’m a total metal newb, just trying to figure this stuff out. Go easy on the new guy. 🙂
On 12/31/06 4:06 AM, chooseyourweapon said:

I actually read the article too and it is really good. And as for playing the genre name game, we’re beating a dead horse here. Let metal be metal and just leave it be. I don’t care how “core” it is. Remember back when there weren’t 250938754 subgenres of metal?
On 12/31/06 11:43 PM, XdougX said:

Underoath is metal d00dz.
On 01/1/07 1:31 PM, Sharpie said:

Yeah, although I wouldn’t argue that Underoath is completely metal since you can still hear some of the elements of They’re Only Chasing Safety on Define the Great Line, I’m pretty sure Define the Great Line was my favorite album of the year. And yeah, the Showdown definitely deserves to be on that cover.
On 01/6/07 8:05 PM, Joes said:

I haven’t heard anyone mention ‘August Burns Red’ on here yet. I’ve always been skeptical about the whole christian metal thing for a long time cause it either sounded undeveloped or just plain cheesey. Living Sacrifice was the first christian metal band that was good and actually had skills that I had heard and that was around 2002, with the exception of fitting some of their lyrics into the genre, which is a whole different subject. Honestly, I wouldn’t even consider Underoath real metal, they are getting more progressive after comparing their first album with the second and you’ll see that a lot of bands just totally switch styles just so they fit in these gay music trends we have had for so long, and thats not metal at all. anyways, back to the original subject, August Burns Red are with solid state label (same as underoath if their still with it) and that is some good stuff. As I lay Dying has also done very good for themselves and they kick ass as well.
On 01/6/07 8:48 PM, Brigitte said:

i loove underoath and as i lay dying…christian or not, whatever genre you wanna classify them under. i dont care, theyre great
On 01/6/07 10:14 PM, Fusillade said:

You Guys Are Missing some names that should be up there to


(Old) Vocals Of Haste The Day – Jimmy Ryan

The Chariot – Josh

Maylean – Dallas Taylor

those are some faces that should be next to As i Lay Dying,Underoath, an Norma Jean

But Take Out Demon Hunter

Who Even listens to demon hunter
On 01/9/07 4:07 PM, Swampy said:

For the record, Demon Hunter has as much right to be up there as anyone of them. They’re a very skilled band, and the fact that a number of their songs are more melodic than most doesn’t change the fact that they fit under the all-encompassing term “metal”. Their lyrics are also the most outspokenly Christian of the four anyhoo. Demon Hunter is excellent. Listen to them.
And I’m guessing Revolver got whoever they could to do the feature on. But they did get a Grammy-nominee…
On 01/9/07 4:09 PM, Swampy said:

And whoever pulled the race card, you have GOT to be kidding me…
On 01/10/07 11:29 AM, josiah said:

The best christian metal bands are As I lay Dying, Underoath, Norma Jean, Demon Hunter, Maylene, The Chariot, aand discpiple…
On 01/10/07 12:01 PM, andy said:

Thanks for clearing that up w/ us. I love discpiple too.
On 01/10/07 1:53 PM, Billy G. said:

So after seeing this I went out and bought this issue. Not a bad article actually. The one thing Ryan Clark does have is that he was in Training For Utopia, and they were awesome. But Demon Hunter sounds like cheesy mall core to me. The whole Zao deal with Bible verses was pretty cool. Although I could have done without the whole P.O.D. part. I just lost intrest not being in 8th grade anymore.
On 01/11/07 2:20 AM, Robbie said:

I am either not hitting the button or my comment got deleted.

I asked who was who. And I swear it didn’t list any of the band names under there. Time to switch to de-caf.
On 02/26/07 2:26 AM, Dean Berry said:

Hey, you guys can check out my songs at They sound okay.
On 02/26/07 7:51 PM, Corey said:

Christian metal , is the only real metal.
On 02/26/07 8:06 PM, standard tuning said:

How About Living Sacrifice!?!?! HELLO!?!?!
On 02/26/07 8:46 PM, Karsia_Dave said:

They were mentioned, but yes, LS was a great band. Pretty innovative.
On 04/9/07 5:41 PM, mitch said:

mmm girls can play metal look up bloodlined calligraphy…i bet it will change yer mind
On 04/9/07 10:53 PM, chxd said:

christian metal….well, the only problem with the revolver article was that they only mentioned to the most mainstream of christian metal bands….what about the showdown, horde, kekal(old), etc… there is more to christian music than the tooth and nail/solid state monster.
On 04/10/07 5:01 AM, sleepy said:

is there?
On 04/10/07 8:12 AM, chxd said:

On 04/10/07 1:57 PM, J.J. said:

Yeah, there’s a heck of a lot more to it. The thing is T&N is the mainstream of the christian labels. In fact I’m not sure they call themselves a christian label at all.
On 04/10/07 1:57 PM, J.J. said:

*most mainstream
On 04/11/07 3:04 PM, Time_Fabric said:

Living Sacrifice is still one of my all-time favorite bands. It is to bad they are no-more. They, along with Circle of Dust were once at the very top of my play-list! As I Lay Dying and UnderOath are good, but not quite as tasty to me. I do listen to them though. There is an up and coming band from central Pennsylvania that I think is great. They are called “Gravity Hill” If you want to check them out…here is their myspace website.
On 06/9/07 3:24 AM, Paul said:

Well i totally agree with the showdown,and i love that davey got in on this conversation. haha relatin 2 your fans. But yall cant forget the first real succesful Christian Metal band was P.O.D., and though now they don’t really fit today’s “metal” standards, back in the day these dudes rocked and they broke the mold for Christian Artists in mainstream music. They were the first Christian act to go on Ozzfest, helpin guys like the Showdown be more open. And i saw some maylene, pillar and chariot references above. U know those guys respect P.O.D., cuz ever since they all went and opened up 4 P.O.D., they’ve become HUGE successes. and BTW, christian metal is DEFINITELEY better than regular metal.
On 09/20/07 9:28 AM, Josh said:

Yea……..Christian metal ownz all by far XD
On 10/15/07 11:41 AM, josh said:

i think they all suck they try im a musician its nothing to play progressive and label the lyrics real metal doesnt envolve chokn on steak while ur tryn to sing u people think that shits tough? and wats up with these whinny sissy vocalist that say theyre metal/emo the music in a whole sux u people say its wat up cause u just want to be different then wats popular in the world tryn to find ur identity or be set aside these bands dont know god they just say there is somewhere kinda people getchya pull!
On 10/15/07 12:14 PM, Jay DiNitto said:

josh is trying to be “popular in the world” by using the internet and incoherent English.
On 11/12/07 6:03 PM, josh said:

right on jay dadildo its true im not gonna lie nobody said this was a spelling b either wat i say is true wheres the layne staleys wheres the chris cornells wheres fn eddie veder wheres more dave mustaines wheres the ozzyies wheres the phil anselmos this new age shits Sux check it out i spelled it out S U X sissy boi
On 11/13/07 10:48 AM, Jay DiNitto said:

I don’t even know where to begin…
On 11/14/07 7:56 AM, Howard said:

Josh, has it ever occurred to you that you might just be unintelligent? It’s not a spelling bee, true, but it is English and you don’t even have a weak grasp. But hey, let’s not bicker about the small details – let’s focus on the real issue:

You might – in addition to being a dumb ass – just have shitty taste in music.
Sorry, nothin’ I can do for ya.
I like what I like, but who in the hell cares what anybody defines as “real” anything? Will it make your tiny twin any bigger? You might as well argue that a goose is less like a giraffe than a lizard. What’s the point?

What is gained by you reviving an ancient thread just to make yourself out to be a total moron?
On 12/27/07 8:00 PM, jOSH said:

On 12/28/07 12:34 AM, Levi G said:

This is almost as bad as reading Courtney Love’s blog.
On 12/28/07 4:52 AM, Howard said:

Wow. I stand corrected.

Courtney Love’s blog isn’t the funniest shit I’ve read in ages.
On 12/28/07 9:57 AM, Jay DiNitto said:

Howard, you’re the real COK BOI
On 12/28/07 11:55 AM, Howard said:

“I’m just as gawd made me, sir.”

– Tucker “Smitty” Brown
On 12/28/07 2:54 PM, Anthony said:

Becoming The Archetype and Extol FTW. Even though Extol’s not currently active. 🙁
On 12/28/07 3:01 PM, Philip said:

Without Bruce Fitzhugh on the cover, this is irrelevant.
On 12/28/07 3:38 PM, spencer said:

Without Carman on the cover this article is irrelevant.
On 12/28/07 4:19 PM, Philip said:

lol yikes
On 12/28/07 5:37 PM, Greg said:

a few other names off the list:
John Schlitt – of Petraaaaaaaaayaaahayahaya
Dean – of Phillips, Craig, and Dean
Steven Curtis Chapman – of Steven Curtis Chapman
On 12/29/07 2:58 AM, Howard said:

Sorry, some aspects of this new internet gizmo are still a mystery to me. For example: the language. I know, I’m behind the times and I still try to use correct punctuation and grammar so:

Is “cok” short for Cook, Coke®, Cork, or Cock?
What is the relevance of a Rooster in this New Modern Era?
Do I put the “arm” in firearm?
Which of the vowels in “boi” is a “hard vowel”?
Is it pronounced “bwa” or “bwee” or “boy”?
Is this a French thing?
Why does Avril Lavigne hint around instead of just coming out and asking me to be her new Skater Bwa?

jOSH, where are you to guide me through this difficult time?
On 12/29/07 4:35 PM, KillerQueen said:

jOSH’s mom should’ve stayed away from the COK. The world would be better off.
On 01/1/08 12:04 AM, Getchya pull! said:

wow yall crack me up! proffessor Gagonit down here in the south u damn right yall is a word! oh and howard has it ever occured to you that u may be unintelligent? sitting on the computer thinkin of some stupid crap like that to type to make it seem like u got a head is pretty lame man. i bet the crack helps though. and damn u dont make no sense arm in firearm? no man but u can put the cok in the asss professor queer eye the fag guy!
On 01/1/08 12:09 AM, Getchya pull! said:

killer bee is some 40 year old male with a testosterone defeciency who listens to queen over and over while he tries to fit lava lamps up his kulo no the world needs a josh to give something to the people to really cry about
On 01/1/08 12:13 AM, josh said:

oh howard sorry buddy i was takin your sister out to the all nite throat pokin buffet,.. woops i think i misspelled that and damnit i think woops aint a word damnit aint aint niether [email protected]!

P.s. Sukmyass
On 01/1/08 12:16 AM, josh said:

happy new year! eat some raw meat u sissy cabrones or get some cohones
On 01/1/08 12:09 PM, KillerQueen said:

josh enjoys fucking his mom in her culo.
On 01/1/08 8:01 PM, Howard said:

jOSH/josh – Tu padre y tu tío son la misma persona. ¡Usted es verdad valiente!
On 01/1/08 8:10 PM, Howard said:

Getchya pull/jOSH/josh – Did you get those new velcro shoes you asked Santa for? I hope so – it’s been hell watching you struggle to figure out that tricky rabbit-around the tree business. Now, if only Santa could combo that out with a matching helmet, you’d be able to walk to the short bus all by yourself!

btw: despite your shock and awe at my skills, you should know that this entire little bit took about 40 seconds. (the drinking doesn’t help. But, SC is absolutely DESTROYING Illinois, so it works!)
On 01/1/08 9:59 PM, gabbiestarr said:

so…I don’t know of any christian metal bands with black lead singers… are there any that are popular???
On 01/2/08 8:56 PM, jamie said:

hahaha discpiple
On 01/8/08 4:25 AM, David said:

Props to the guy who pointed out living sacrifice as the first real metal band that was also heavy and christian with skills on par with the secular bands maybe still one of the few ever but there were at least a few hundred christian metal acts before them and that began around the early 80s by the way living sacrifice was around as early as 1990 with their debut album but whatever as far as the genres and subgenres are concerned as long as the drums are heavy the guitars are heavily distorted and heavy crunch is involved and the vocals arent too emo its just metal through and through dont bother with petty differences in style since pretty much every metal band sounds different from the rest and has a style all their own anyway. Some good christian metal bands that could be considered metal at one point or another in their careers that were left out are pod, edl, guardian, petra, thousand foot crutch, spoken, whitecross, white heart, precious death, klank, circle of dust, argyle park, tourniquet, mortification, galactic cowboys, kings x, deliverance and tons of others that sold millions of albums over their careers but never got any play on the mainstream secular radio because yes I will admit they were too corny at times lyrically but yet still were heavy as any other bands out there at the time musically and just as talented with their instruments. Its a shame more people couldnt have heard them or of them simply because of religious beliefs.
On 01/8/08 4:32 AM, David said:

by the way this josh guy on here needs some spanish and english lessons and learn how to type bro it appears you cant get the technical languages down either plus youre using the same phrases over and over again and this is an article about chritian metal not the mainstream so props to phil anselmo and dave mustaine and those guys but youre way off base and could also use some lessons in manners ethics morals values etiquette and a few other words too long for your cabeza to comprehend vato!
On 01/8/08 5:20 AM, sleepy said:

and David, by the way, on the right of th M key on your keyboard are some handy puntuation marks. try to learn how to apply them to your writing.